No one really knew the question, but Aunt Betty’s steamy puds were the perfect answer to everything. Deliciously light and fluffy and steamed, just so. Store in the pantry & ready after just 30 seconds in the microwave, see below for a range of different options to bring out the best in your favourite.


Strawberry Vanilla

A light vanilla sponge topped with real strawberry sauce. Just lovely with a dollop of thickened cream.

gooey caRamel

A light sponge smothered in a gooey caramel sauce. Delicious accompanied by a scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream.

goldeN Syrup

A light sponge smothered in a rich golden syrup sauce. Perfect paired with a dollop of Crème Fraiche.


A favourite for many of course, a light sponge made from premium cocoa smothered in a thick chocolate flavoured sauce. Perfect served with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream.

stickY Date

A light sponge with dates, covered in a sticky date toffee sauce. Great accompanied by whipped cream with a touch of spice.

Plum Pudding

A traditional steamed plum pudding, now you don’t have to wait for Christmas. Awfully good with brandy custard.
(AU only)

Golden Fruit

A light sponge made with juicy sultanas and mixed spice. Perfect accompanied by traditional custard.

Gluten Free Citrus Duo

A light orange, gluten free sponge topped with a zesty lemon syrup. Tastes amazing accompanied by Greek style yoghurt

Chocolate Whiskey

Traditional steamed chocolate pudding infused with flavours of whisky, orange and ginger. Great accompanied by a dollop of Mascarpone.
(AU only)